Twitter Bootstrap for Yii

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Introducing Yiistrap

More robust.

Yiistrap is a complete rewrite of the popular yii-bootstrap extension. Yii-Bootstrap was more or less a collection of widget which made it almost possible to extend. We have learned from our mistakes built Yiistrap on robust helper classes to make it easy to work with.

Easy to use.

You can get started with Yiistrap in no time, even without any prior knowledge in Twitter Bootstrap itself. Yiistrap provides helper methods for all Bootstrap components as well as widgets for the more complex components. You can also use the helpers to build your own widgets.

More widgets.

Yiistrap has its own extension library yiistrap-widgets, which already includes some useful widgets for Select2, DateTime Picker, Wysihtml5 and jQuery File Upload. 2amigOS! also maintain their own extension library called YiiWheels that includes many more widgets.